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FIVE-surface projection

surround audio

The KAVE project is built upon a wealth of music-based content creation and innovation. Our PRODUCTION SERVICES include filming, live streaming and audio recording of live music performances for multi-camera, 360˚/VR and all surround sound formats. See our TRAILER.


KAVE venues and events spaces have been designed, first and foremost, to deliver an education initiative conceived to achieve measurable impact in response to the climate emergency.


Having been immersed in the most compelling wonders of the natural world, audiences are invited to engage with environmental issues via mobile app-based Augmented Reality activations.


We seek to inspire changes in lifestyle by encouraging visitors to reflect, and then pledge to make commitments that can be shared via social media to collectively inspire and encourage others.

Aside from its core mission, KAVE creates, curates and commissions the most compelling immersive content.


Venue-based events can accommodate multiple art forms and content possibilities including projection-based art, live performance (music, theatre, dance), 360˚ films, agency/brand/product launches and gaming activations.


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