Sustainable music touring solution

Innovation In Music 2019: KAVE as a solution for sustainable touring

In 2019, artists including Coldplay and Massive Attack announced they were to stop touring for environmental reasons.  KAVE's CEO, Dr Stephen Partridge, responded at the Innovation In Music Conference hosted by University of West London in December that year, specifying fora receptive audience the extent to which the KAVE solution presents a viable alternative to mitigate the environmental impact of live music touring.

This intimate (as pictured above) 360˚video-based format, mixed in spatial surround sound, is based on the principle of positioning the talent as close to the camera as possible without distorting the image. The viewer is then transported to the camera’s perspective – not in the middle of the audience, or even next to stage, but positioned among the band where every performance detail can be appreciated up close. The KAVE Depth of Field Hoop approach evolved through trial and error over many productions undertaken in this nascent format.

This approach reduces the need for an artist to travel to perform live to their audience, the idea being that the talent can be captured in situ with the content then distributed via a global network of KAVEs and via VR and/or the metaverse, thus enhancing accessibility for those less able to travel or who may live in remote areas.