KAVE has galvanised specialist partners in support of our immersive venue concept, a 360˚ events experience that accommodates multiple art forms and content possibilities including projection-based art, live performance, 360˚ films, agency/brand/product launches and gaming activations.


KAVE has been invited to collaborate on a crucial climate change research initiative led by the Universities of Reading and Birmingham, in partnership with University College London and the Universities of Salford, Manchester and Newcastle alongside the organisations Earthwatch, Tekiu, Citizens UK, the Woodland Trust and the Natural History Museum.

While visitors to KAVE Sanctuary meet friends and dwell, detailed information will be delivered and captured via the KAVE app. Projection-based experiences within KAVE will be embellished by animated holographic interactive Augmented Reality renders. Engagement with the app will be motivated by an array of avatars; from endangered species of birds and insects, to underwater scenes of fish and dolphins. These holographic animations will be accessible via users’ own hand-held devices, offering everyone uninhibited access.


Key to achieving impact, however, will be the stimulation of individuals to commit to changes in behaviour and actions. Interspersed with the animated sequences, succinct messages will initially list the many environmental threats that are manifest corresponding with the projected context.  The app screen will then detail lifestyle changes that would manifest a positive impact. Users will be invited to pledge to make changes in lifestyle, encouraging a collective commitment to be discussed and shared both in situ and beyond – harnessing the power and reach of social media to motivate behavioural changes.